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Egyphar seek to become acquainted with success as the best pharmaceutical company, achieving our goals by establishing the best R&D organization.

We emphasize our R&D protocol through four main principles:

i. First principle: Focus on the most annoying diseases & disorders, to produce the first line choice treatments for it to help improve our patients disturbed lifestyle.

ii. Second principle: Our treatment modalities is independent, in which we obtain the right solution for the right problem, Our Treatment modality achievements allow our R&D team to pursue the beneficial use of a particular approach best to overcome any disease.

iii. Third principle: Our recognition is defined in our pursue of the key elements of a human disease by our R&D investment budget and with our therapeutic potentiality.

iv. Fourth principle: Our important insights meet our basic research and therapeutic development from any competing marketplaces and vice versa.


Those four principles accompanied with hard work dedication, scientific intelligence and collaboration are
the vanguard of Egyphar success.